BOOK: “Believing a Man Can Fly”

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BOOK: “Believing a Man Can Fly”

Jan 2020 17 23:12

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17.01.2020, 23:12

Ok Guys! This is not a full on Michael Jackson book but it’s worth having a look!

For those who are deeply passionate, the name Colin Chilvers will ring the bell! No! Not Superman (1978)! No! Not X-Men (2000)! I really thought the head picture will give you a clue… YES! That’s right! “Smooth Criminal”.

Colin directed the segment “Smooth Criminal” from the iconic Michael Jackson movie “Moonwalker”.

Colin with Aaron Lam, Author and Filmmaker from Ontario wrote a book together called “BELIEVING A MAN CAN FLY: MEMORIES OF A LIFE IN SPECIAL EFFECTS AND FILM”.

OK! So the book is mostly about Colin’s cinematic work (so if you are also a fan of movies, this one is perfect for you) but there are around 30 pages on his work with the King of Pop Michael Jackson on the iconic “Smooth Criminal” with the chapter called “Walking on the moon with the King”.

In the acknowledgments, Colin says

“For Michael Jackson, a man of the Century who believed in me”.

Colin is going into details about “Smooth Criminal” and Michael so a must to read!