BOOK: “Michael Jackson. La storia e l’eredità artistica”

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BOOK: “Michael Jackson. La storia e l’eredità artistica”

Jul 2019 03 22:54

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03.07.2019, 22:54

Italy! This one is for you! A brand new book about Michael Jackson has been released written by Luca Izzo and Michelangelo Iossa.

The book is a pro-Michael Jackson and so far only in Italian and retraces Michael Jackson’s career through his artistry!

Book Description:

Among the most beloved artists of history, the greatest showman of all time, unparalleled performer and songwriter capable of giving life to unforgettable songs that have enthralled audiences of all ages and from all places, Michael Jackson died, becoming immortal, exactly ten years ago.
In music, singing, dance, choreography and video music, Michael Jackson was a pioneer and innovator, an icon-symbol of pop culture from the 1970s onwards.
In this large volume, Luca Izzo and Michelangelo Iossa retrace the incredible career of this “record artist”, aiming to identify the legacy that Jackson has left in contemporary culture, from music to dance, from entertainment to video-culture to the fashion and style. His art has arrived everywhere, managing to inspire millions of people and artists, like the values ​​of his person, marked by solidarity and support for others, which inspire thousands of charitable associations still active today.

Luca Izzo
He is Professor of Art History . Researcher in Audiovisual Media , Cinema , Television and Photography at the University of Campania “L. Vanvitelli “. Writer and art critic.

Michelangelo Iossa
He is a journalist, writer and university professor. He is a contributor to the cultural pages of the Corriere del Mezzogiorno (backstage of the Corriere della Sera) and of Rai Uno television programs such as Settenote and Testimoni e Protagonisti .

To celebrate the release of the book, both authors will be in Naples with a special event:

Thursday 4 July 2019 | 18.30 pm
Riot Laundry Bar
Via Kerbaker, 19
Quart. Vomero | Naples

For more information visit the WEBSITE and/or FACEBOOK