Michael nahm bei einer Misswahl die Krönung vor

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Michael nahm bei einer Misswahl die Krönung vor

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Michael nahm bei einer Misswahl die Krönung vor

Sheryl Piland wurde von Michael Jackson zur Miss gekrönt, der 1978 zur Moderation der Gala eingeladen wurde. Michael, Randy und Janet Jackson waren Teil der Proben im Coconut Grove in Los Angeles, wo der Wettbewerb stattfand.


Hier ein Bericht von Soultrain dazu:

Connecticut native Sheryl Piland was the 1978 winner of the prestigious Hal Jackson Talented Teens International Pageant. She has an amazing story about her journey to winning the pageant and her career since, along with fond memories of the late Michael Jackson, Don Cornelius, and recently deceased broadcasting pioneer and pageant founder Hal Jackson.

Soultrain.com: What talent did you execute during the international pageant?

Sheryl: I did a gymnastic dance routine to a song from The Wiz.

Soultrain.com: That years international pageant had the honor of having Michael Jackson as guest host.

Sheryl: I was so excited! I used to cut out pictures of Michael from Right On! magazine. I used to dream I was going to meet him and I did and it happened in a big way.

Sheryl: What are your memories about him during the pageant?

Sheryl: Michael, Randy and Janet Jackson were a part of the rehearsals at the Coconut Grove in Los Angeles, where the pageant was held. They were so much fun. Michael was really cool and quiet. I remember he and Randy had their hair in braids underneath their safari hats (laughs). During the rehearsals Michael told all the girls to practice as if we were actually giving the real performance and to give it our all. He was the ultimate professional.

Soultrain.com: Meeting Hal Jackson must have also been a great honor for you.

Sheryl: Hal Jackson is a legend. I didn’t realize how many people he helped and how many lives he touched. He was such a gentleman. His wife Alice was a class act, too. She taught me a lot. She was a classy lady. I emulated her.

Soultrain.com: What else do you remember about the pageant?

Sheryl: Janet DuBois from Good Times was a judge, and so were Fred Rerun Berry and Haywood Nelson from Whats Happening. Jermaine Jackson was also there and before the pageant started, he came backstage and kissed me and told me he was pulling for me. It was also so much fun meeting all of the girls. Hal Jackson gave us a chance to meet people from all over the world.

Soultrain.com: So, what do you remember about that moment your name was called as the winner?

Sheryl: I could not believe it! I was so nervous! Michael sang a song called Jump For Joy as he grabbed my hand and walked me across the stage. He was happier than me!

Soultrain.com: Beautiful! What happened after the pageant?

Sheryl: A reception was held afterwards. I met the Jackson family. They sat at my table.

Soultrain.com: Did you cross paths with the Jacksons again?

Sheryl: Yes, when the Jacksons did the Victory Tour. When they came to New York City, I got to go up to Michaels suite in Helmsley Palace and I saw him and Emmanuel Lewis having water pistol fights! (Laughs). He was a big kid. Working with and spending time with Michael Jackson was one of the best experiences Ive ever had.